Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in Municipal Water Treatment Plants

Emergency chlorine scrubber systems for cylinder storage area. Removal of powdered carbon particulate emitted from storage silo vents during the loading operation.

The Bionomic recommended products for these applications:

  • Series 6500 Jet Venturi – This scrubber series is ideal for emergency scrubbing of chlorine gas due to the high liquid rate and ability to draft the contaminated gas into the scrubber without the need for a fan. Offered in a single stage arrangement when a gas recirculation is acceptable to achieve over 99.99% removal efficiency. For once through gas treatment units are offered in a two stage series arrangement or with a polishing Series 5000 Packed tower scrubber. Offered as a complete engineered system under the ScrubPac™ custom package.
  • Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber - To control particulate emissions of powdered carbon during storage silo loading operations. Offers extremely high over 99% particulate removal efficiency. Available as a complete engineered system under the ScrubPac™ brand.
  • ScrubPac™ Custom Skid Mounted Scrubber System - When a fully engineered package scrubber system solution is required for any scrubber type and emission. Reduces engineering and installation time and costs. Includes all pumps, instrumentation, controls, piping and valves, chemical feed and if required fan and ductwork.


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