Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Food Products Industry

Complete line of dry and wet collectors for applications requiring removal of particulate from dryers, mixers, blenders and tanks. Odor control wet chemical scrubbers with liquid or gas phase oxidation chemistries and Bioscrubber systems to control odoriferous food products, ingredients and flavor emissions from processes and dryers including fish odors. Corn acidulation and starch processing acid and ethylene oxide emissions. Remove smoke house emissions and particulate, grease and odors from meat cookers and fryers. Ethanol emissions from baking ovens. Ammonia from refrigerant evacuation. Sodium hydroxide mists from CIP cleaning of tanks and equipment. Waste heat recovery and more.

The Bionomic recommended products for these applications:

  • CycloPlus™ - Collect and or recover powders and particulate generated from mixers, dryers and all powder material handling.
  • Series 5000 Packed Bed Scrubbers – This packed tower series is based around an extremely flexible design concept that enables each unit to be engineered specifically to meet all application requirements in the most demanding process gaseous contaminant and mist scrubbing or odor control application. Our vast library of experience in scrubbing gaseous compounds and empirical mass transfer data base guarantees meeting all soluble as well as certain insoluble gaseous contaminant and odor removal needs. Also used as a primary scrubber for odor control applications. Bionomic offers a special designed system for ethylene oxide scrubbing utilizing sulfuric or phosphoric acid to generate ethylene glycol by-product.
  • Series 5500 Crossflow scrubber – Best suited for low headroom installations to remove lighter loadings of gaseous contaminants.
  • BTIP™ - The bioscrubber biological system that utilizes microbes in lieu of chemicals to destroy organic odors present in many flavor and fragrance applications. This device is best suited for alcohols and organic compounds then the packed bed scrubber.
  • Series 6500 Jet Venturi– For low to moderate gas volumes, when the service calls for any of the following: particulate 1 micron and larger with or without gaseous contaminant removal, low pressure drop requirement or ability to overcome draft losses without a fan. Can be combined in multiple stages or with a Series 5000 Packed Tower for extremely high removal efficiencies. Excellent choice for emissions emanating from mixers, blenders and kettles.
  • Series 7000 and 8000 Venturi Scrubbers - To control particulate emissions in the sub-micron and single digit micron size range with or without gaseous contaminants ovens, dryers, mixers, boiler flue gas, processing vessels, silos and other particulate laden gas streams.
  • Series 9000 Preformed Spray Scrubber – A completely open design scrubber with no internal components to eliminate fouling. Control dust and particulate from dryers, mixers, and material handling operations. Used to remove particulate 2 microns and larger in size.
  • RotaBed® - Our patented plug free fluidized bed device offers advantages over packed bed scrubbers when particulate, grease or odors need to be removed from dryers, cookers and ovens.
  • ScrubPac™ ProClean – Combines the Series 5000 Packed Tower in an integral unitized package with recirculation pump, instruments and controls. Lowers external engineering and field installation costs.
  • ScrubPac™ VentClean™ - Specifically designed to control storage tank vent emissions.
  • ScrubPac™ Custom Skid Mounted Scrubber System - When a fully engineered package scrubber system solution is required for any scrubber type and emission. Reduces engineering and installation time and costs. Pumps, instrumentation, controls, valves and other accessories can be supplied in customer approved standardized brands.
  • HEI™ WESP - Best engineered highest efficiency wet electrostatic precipitator design. Furnishes the highest removal efficiency on particulate at the lowest energy cost to remove the smallest submicron particulate from smokers, fryers, cookers and ovens including oil aerosols (blue haze). Can meet the most stringent opacity requirements.
  • QSense™ - System recovers waste latent and sensible heat from flue gases using a direct contact exchanger with a payback time between 2 to 4 years on energy costs.


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