Image of a complete systemComplete System Components

Whether you purchase one of our stand alone scrubbers or a waste heat recovery unit, leave it to the experts at Bionomic Industries to provide all the accessories and components needed to ensure a truly reliable trouble-free operating system.

Backed by our many years of experience in providing engineered systems, our staff of competent qualified engineers can provide all the necessary components seamlessly integrated and fully matched to meet the performance needs and operational logic of your new device, at an attractive price

Our broad range of supply capabilities for Bionomic designed and produced accessories and subsystems includes

  • Special hot gas pre-quenchers and condensers
  • Steam plume reducers and end of stack droplet shields to eliminate raining
  • Filtration and treatment systems for scrubbing liquid effluent
  • Ductwork, dampers, fume exhaust hoods and energy saving push -pull ventilation systems
  • Access service platforms and ladders for maintenance and testing
  • Free standing and guy wire supported stacks and lightning ground systems
  • Chemical reagent preparation and feed systems
  • Partial or full automation PLC control stations, remote access for diagnostics capability and data loggers

Image of a skid mounted complete systemAnd, when a buyout item is needed that includes

  • Scrubbing liquid recirculation, blowdown and metering pumps, centrifugal and positive displacement types
  • Exhaust fans, blowers and silencers
  • Plate and frame and tubular heat exchangers and chillers
  • Analytical, monitoring and control instrumentation and valves

You can depend on Bionomic Industries; our engineers are technically versed in all aspects of accessory equipment design and offerings by quality conscious manufacturers. This enables us to expertly select the best suited component for the job. Or if you prefer, our broad know-how and familiarity with leading manufacturer’s products enables us to confidently provide equipment that conforms to your specified plant standards.

All in all, Bionomic Industries is your single source company to provide your complete system component requirements.



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