CycloPlus™ Cyclone Particulate CollectorCycloPlus™ Cyclone Particulate Collector


The CycloPlus™ collector is an advanced cyclone design that offers high retained solid particulate collection as either a primary particulate device for dust removal or recovery or to act as a precleaning stage to reduce particulate loadings ahead of a fabric filter collector to increase fabric filter life, or wet scrubber and reduce scrubbing liquid blowdown. CycloPlus™ features a proprietary highly advanced gas inlet involute design to boost particle capture efficiencies over conventional cyclones by eliminating particle airstream re-entrainment.

CycloPlus™ is available in single through eight (8) unit arrangements manifolded together for parallel operation to handle a wide range of gas volumes and collection efficiency needs.

Each unit is individually designed using our sophisticated CycloPlus™ computer program encompassing the latest saltation velocity limits and particulate capture functions to accurately predict required performance to ensure meeting all application requirements.

CycloPlus™ collectors are available with top or side volute gas outlets to meet preferred duct layout arrangements. Both low and high volume dust storage hoppers for collected dust are offered with rotary air locks, double knife gate discharge valves as well as trickle leg discharge for direct dust feed to other processes or storage vessels.

How it Works

Gas containing particulate enters into the CycloPlus™ collector special involute shaped entry and forced into a cyclonic flow path. Larger dust particles due to inertia and centrifugal force are forced outward from the gas stream towards the cyclone involute wall and cylindrical body section and impact against it reducing the particle velocity. These particles are forced downwards by gravity following the laminar layer of air along the wall and fall into the collection hopper. Smaller sized particles continue following a spiraling gas vortex downward into the CycloPlus™ increasingly smaller diameter tapered cone section where centrifugal force acts on the particles for wall impact velocity reduction and hopper collection. At the bottom of the cone section the gas vortex reverses and cleaned gas rises to exit through the center tube of the vortex finder and out the top or tangential volute.

Capacity Size Range

  • 100 thru 80,000 cfm

Pressure Drop

  • 2 to 12 inch W.G., depends on required collection efficiency

Contaminant Removal Efficiencies

  • Up to 99% feasible depending on particle hardness, loading and size distribution. Consult factory for specific application performance.

Available Materials of Construction

  • High strength mild steel, special abrasion resistant steel with wear plates, refractory and ceramic tile linings, 304 and 316L stainless steels and high nickel corrosion resistant alloys.

Typical Industries and Applications

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, mineral products, petroleum, wood products, pulp and paper, iron and steel, waste recycling and mining
  • Removal or recovery of all types of dry product and dusts from: material conveying and filling operations, waste shredders, dryers, calciners, kilns, crushers, power boilers, steam reformers and gasifiers, FCC catalyst dust recovery and much more.

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