Series 5000 Packed Tower Fume Scrubber and Air StripperSeries 5000 Packed Tower Fume Scrubber and Air Stripper


Bionomic counter-current packed towers are the ideal solution to air pollution problems associated with the removal of corrosive vapors, unwanted mists, noxious and odoriferous gases. By creating a counter-current flow between contaminated gases and scrubbing liquid throughout a high surface area packed bed, rapid and uniform absorption of pollutants is achieved with maximum efficiency. Series 5000 towers are designed to accept a wide variety of packings, mist eliminators and gas scrubber liquor distribution systems. This enables the scrubbers to meet a full range of applications and gas absorption requirements.

For especially troublesome low solubility gases, scrubbers can be custom engineered to include extra depth or multiple packed beds with intermediate step chemical treatment. Construction materials include thermoplastics, fiberglass reinforced plastic, dual laminate, mild steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys, hastalloy and corrosion resistant coating and linings.

In situations where building codes limit the height of rooftop structures, or where lower absorption efficiencies are acceptable, compact horizontal Series 5500 crossflow packed scrubbers are available.

The Series 5000 Packed Tower is also available in an air stripper version for removal of VOC compounds or ammonia from water streams.

How It Works

Fume Scrubber How it Works Diagram In the Series 5000 Packed Tower scrubbing liquid is introduced through a distributor (1) and is uniformly dispersed throughout the packed bed (2) The contaminated gas enters through the gas inlet (4) and proceeds upward through the packing support plate (5) into the packed bed section countercurrent to the downward flowing liquid. The high surface area packing elements (6) creates a tremendous amount of liquid films and droplets to enable rapid and uniform absorption of the gaseous contaminants for maximum removal efficiency. The contaminants can be physically absorbed in the liquid or chemically reacted with a reagent. Liquid droplets and any contaminants in mist form are coalesced and removed by the mist eliminator (7) before the cleaned gas exits through the top gas outlet (8). The scrubbing liquid then drains into the reservoir (9) and exits the unit through the liquid outlet connection (10) where it can be recirculated partially or fully depending on the service with a pump or utilized on a once through basis.

Special Features Include

  • Reinforced Gas Inlet and Outlet - Flanged inlet sized uniform gas distribution with minimum entrance flow losses. Rugged flanged outlet capable of supporting the weight of an axial flow fan, stack or unsupported ducting.
  • Easy Access Liquid Distributors - Liquid distributors are bolted to the tower for easy removal and inspection. Low pressure, non-clogging spray nozzle arrangements achieve uniform liquid distribution for low to medium capacity towers. High capacity units are fitted with special trough-type high efficiency distributors.
  • Multiple Mist Eliminator Designs - Under normal conditions, our standard knitted wire mesh pad mist eliminator superbly separates the incoming liquid from the vapor. When high mist concentrations, fine mists or scrubbing liquids that contain depositing solids are present, we recommend our special interlaced filament mist eliminators or packed bed sections.
  • Choice of Packed Bed Section - The absorption efficiency of the packed bed section depends upon the choice of types and sizes of packings, and the bed depth. These are selected by our engineers to meet the pollution treatment requirements. Multiple beds with redistributors are available for difficult applications.
  • Optimum Selection of Bed Support Plates - Three different styles of bed support plates are offered so that the gas distribution and packing support requirements can be precisely matched. Large open passages in the plates permits complete washdown of depositing solids and minimal gas friction losses.
  • Large Capacity Integral Recycle Section - A standard feature on all Bionomic counter-current packed towers, this eliminates the need for separate recycle or chemical neutralization tanks in most installations. Recycle sections are available with optional sloped, dished and cone bottoms in lieu of flat for better drainage on scrubbing liquids that tend to sludge or solidify.

Capacity Size Range

  • 400 thru 70,000 cfm

Complete System Capabilities

As specialists in the handling of corrosive fumes, Bionomic Industries also fabricates and installs complete corrosion resistant exhaust systems in PVC, polypropylene and fiberglass reinforced plastic. Fabrication capabilities include laboratory hoods, ducts fittings blast gates, dampers fume hoods, stacks, fans, and tanks. These items are designed to complement the Series 5000 Counter-Current Tower together with recirculation pump, chemical feed package and instrumentation.

Typical Applications and Uses

  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Metals, Mining, Hazardous Waste, Electronic, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing and All Other Industries
    • Remove acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, hydrobromic acid, chromic acid, hydrogen sulfide and all other acid gases
    • Remove ammonia, amines and other basic gases
    • Remove halogens and halogen compounds: chlorine, chlorine dioxide, fluorine, bromine and iodine
    • Scrub silanes, ethylene and propylene oxide, phosgene and other specialty toxic gases
    • Remove ethanol, methanol, isopropanol and other alcohols, formaldehyde, amines as well as other water soluble organic compounds
    • Control odoriferous gases including hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and others
    • Recover hydrochloric acid, ammonia to ammonium hydroxide, produce ammonium sulfate, phosphate and nitrate and many other saleable chemical by-products
    • Scrub difficult partially soluble gases with our specialized scrubbing reagent chemistries
    • General gas and fume scrubbing of emissions from process operations, reactors and mixing vessels, storage tanks, laboratory hoods and all other sources
    • As an emergency scrubber to scrub hundreds of different elemental and specialty gaseous compounds from venting of gas cylinders including filling operations
    • Removal of hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid, sulfur dioxide and others from high temperature catalytic, direct and regenerative thermal oxidizers
    • Gas subcooling

Also see our full line of Wet Scrubbers for other appropriate types and specialized and systems for these applications

Dimension Table

Series 5000 dimension diagram
400 6" - 6" 1'-0" 1'-9" 10'-0" 7'-9"
1,500 10" - 10" 2'-0" 2'-6" 11'-0" 8'-8"
2,400 1'-0" - 1'-0" 2'-6" 3'-1" 12'-0" 9'-7"
3,400 1'-4" - 1' -4" 3'-0" 3'-2" 12'-6" 9'-11"
4,600 1'-6" - 1'-6" 3'-6" 3'-3" 13'-2" 10'-4"
6,000 1'-8" - 1'-8" 4'-0" 3'-4" 13'-7" 10'-8"
7,600 2'-0" - 2'-0" 4'-6" 3'-6" 14'-6" 11'-5"
9,400 2'-6" - 2'-6" 5'-0" 3'-7" 13'-8" 10'-6"
11,400 2'-9" 1'-10" 2'-6" 5'-6" 3'-8" 14'-3" 10'-11"
13,600 3'-0" 2'-0" 3'-0" 6'-0" 3'-9" 14'-7" 11'-2"
15,900 3'-3" 2'-2" 3'-0" 6'-6" 3'-10" 15'-1" 11'-6"
18,500 3'-6" 2'-4" 3'-0" 7'-0" 3'-11" 15'-2" 11'-6"
21,100 3'-9" 2'-6" 3'-6" 7'-6" 4'-0" 15'-7" 11'-9"
24,100 4'-0" 2'-8" 3'-6" 8'-0" 4'-1" 16'-1" 12'-1"
27,200 4'-3" 2'-10" 3'-6" 8'-6" 4'-2" 16'-6" 12'-4"
30,500 4'-6" 3'-0" 4'-0" 9'-0" 4'-4" 16'-11" 12'-8"
34,000 4'-9" 3'-2" 4'-0" 9'-6" 4'-5" 17'-5" 13'-0"
37,700 5'-0" 3'-4" 4'-0" 10'-0" 4'-6" 17'-5" 12'-10"
41,500 5'-3" 3'-6" 4'-6" 10'-6" 4'-7" 17'-9" 13'-1"
45,600 5'-6" 3'-8" 4'-6" 11'-0" 4'-8" 18'-1" 13'-4"
50,000 5'-9" 3'-10" 4'-9" 11'-6" 4'-10" 18'-6" 13'-7"

Intermediate and larger sizes available. Consult factory on specific requirements.

F* and G* dimensions based on a 4 foot packing depth and may vary depending on application.


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