BIONOxSOLVER™ NOx Scrubbing Solution drumBIONOxSOLVER™ NOx Scrubbing Solution


BIONOxSOLVER™ is the first major breakthrough nonhazardous NOx control chemistry to effectively reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions in wet scrubber systems. This special proprietary formulation of powerful nitrogen dioxide reducing agents is designed to remove the unsightly and highly visible orange brown emission at the discharge point to enable compliance with air regulations.

BIONOxSOLVER is nonhazardous and safe to handle and does not produce dangerous, toxic and extremely odorous hydrogen sulfide gas at lower pH use conditions, a common problem with conventional sulfide scrubbing reagents. Compared to using hydrogen peroxide, BIONOxSOLVER offers higher removal efficiency and allows ORP instrument control feed based on demand resulting in lower chemical costs.

Typical Applications

BIONOxSOLVER™ is successfully removing nitrogen dioxide emissions generated from these following sources:

  • Titanium and stainless steel pickling operations
  • Continuous strand superconductivity copper wire etching line
  • Aluminum bright dip solutions
  • Precious metals dissolving with aqua regia
  • Catalyst calcining operations
  • Surgical implant material etching
  • Nanometals powder surface treatment
  • Nitration of pharmaceutical preparations
  • Semiconductor silicon wafer etching


BIONOxSOLVER™ is available in easy to use liquid form for batch or continuous scrubber operation. BIONOxSOLVER™ is offered in convenient 55-gallon drum size containers, 330-gallon totes, and for maximum economy 4,400-gallon bulk tank truck shipments.

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