Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Equipment and systems for Kraft and Sulfite mills. Control chlorine and chlorine dioxide emissions from bleaching operations. Brown stock washer emissions. Control particulate emissions from lime kilns, lime slakers, black liquor recovery boilers, furnaces and gasification units. Particulate from bark and sludge and fired boilers and sulfur dioxide and trioxide removal from those sources. Control of hydrogen sulfide, TRS and methanol emissions from LVHC and HVLC gas streams. Complete fugitive lime dust collection systems to handle emissions from conveyors, elevators and feeders. Smelt dissolving tank particulate. Direct contact waste heat recovery. Black liquor evaporation. Treatment and subcooling of boiler and kiln gases to remove particulate, sulfur dioxide and TRS for precipitated calcium carbonate production (PCC). Dust from tissue and paper rollers and dryers. NASH and sodium hypochlorite scrubbing. Waste heat recovery with direct contact heat exchangers.

The Bionomic recommended products for these applications:

  • RotaBed® - Our patented plug free fluidized bed scrubber is the number one proven choice for controlling emissions of chlorine or chlorine dioxide from bleaching operations. This unique scrubber design contains no packing or spray nozzles that can plug or foul from fibers and solids laden scrubbing liquids. Can utilize all scrubbing liquids including weak wash, white liquor, caustic and coproduct.
  • HEI™ WESP - Best engineered highest efficiency wet electrostatic precipitator design. Furnishes the highest removal efficiency on particulate at the lowest energy cost to remove the smallest submicron particulate from boilers and kilns. Can meet the most stringent opacity requirements.
  • Series 7000 and 8000 Venturi Scrubbers - The Series 7000 Venturi is the selection for controlling particulate emissions from boilers, gasifiers, smelt dissolving tanks. Raw feed gas cleanup of PCC production feed gases. Tissue and paper dust and fibers from rollers and dryers. Supplied in multiple stages for black liquor evaporators. Choose the plug free Series 8000 Venturi to control lime sludge kiln emissions
  • Series 5000 Packed Bed Scrubbers – This packed tower series is best used for general scrubbing applications of gaseous contaminants when low solids/fiber content scrubbing liquids are available. Also used for subcooling particulate free hot gases after the Series 7000 Venturi for PCC production service.
  • Series 6500 Jet Venturi – Ideal scrubber for controlling emissions from lime slakers, NCG high and low concentration TRS, acetone and methanol contaminants. Special gas phase oxidation pre-treatment stage using chlorine dioxide for low solubility TRS compounds. Can be combined in multiple stages or with a Series 5000 Packed Tower for extremely high removal efficiencies.
  • Series 9500 Spray Tower – Recommended for boiler emissions when sulfur dioxide removal is required. Using lime or limestone scrubbing chemistries or when a high gas turndown ratio is needed. Available with integral air sparger sump sections for oxidation and conversion of calcium sulfite to sulfate.
  • CycloPlus™ - Collect and or recover lime dust and other particulate generated from kilns and material handling operations.
  • Series 10000 Fabric Filter Collector – The pulse jet standard collector for fugitive lime dust capture. Offered in a complete engineered system with hooded takeoffs, ductwork, fan and all accessory components.
  • ScrubPac™ ProClean – Combines the Series 5000 Packed Tower in an integral unitized package with recirculation pump, instruments and controls. Lowers external engineering and field installation costs.
  • ScrubPac™ Custom Skid Mounted Scrubber System - When a fully engineered package scrubber system solution is required for any scrubber type and emission. Reduces engineering and installation time and costs. Pumps, instrumentation, controls, valves and other accessories can be supplied in customer approved standardized brands.
  • QSense™ - System recovers waste latent and sensible heat from flue gases using a direct contact exchanger with a payback time between 2 to 4 years on energy costs.


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