Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastics Industries

Supplying for over 35 years reliable air pollution control equipment and systems for removal of all gaseous compounds, particulate and odors from chemical process operations, reactors, dryers, calciners, membrane cells, pharmaceutical reactors and tablet dryers, crystallizers, vessel filling and storage vent emissions, emergency scrubbing of high concentration gas releases from cylinders, vacuum pump emissions, Quench/scrubber systems for acid gases and particulate from high temperature thermal oxidizers. Gaseous emissions from piloting operations and research lab hoods. Specialty NOx abatement for explosives manufacturing and other process operations. Recovery and re-concentration of acids and other gaseous contaminants including by-product production. High temperature gas scrubbing of particulate or acid gases from hazardous and liquid waste incinerators. Power boiler emissions to meet MACT standards. Odor control systems for wastewater treatment operations. Sulfuric acid mist and sulfur trioxide removal. Removal of thermoplastic, rubber tire particulate including vapors from extruders and molding operations. Chemical recovery, reconcentration and by-product production systems specifically engineered for the application.

The Bionomic recommended products for these applications:

  • Series 2000 CycloPlus - Collect and or recover powders and particulate generated from mixers, dryers and all powder material handling.
  • Series 5000 Packed Bed Scrubbers – This packed tower series is based around an extremely flexible design concept that enables each unit to be engineered specifically to meet all application requirements in the most demanding process gaseous contaminant scrubbing or odor control application. Our vast library of experience in scrubbing gaseous compounds and empirical mass transfer data base guarantees meeting all soluble as well as certain insoluble gaseous contaminant and odor removal needs. Also used as a primary scrubber for odor control applications.
  • Series 4000 Carbon Adsorber - Available with standard or impregnated carbons and zeolites to handle light loadings of VOC and low water solubility compounds. Offered in both non-regenerative and regenerative designs.
  • BIONOxSOLVER™ NOx Scrubbing Solution – Specifically developed for process NOx control.
  • Series 5500 Crossflow scrubber – Best suited for low headroom installations to remove lighter loadings of gaseous contaminants.
  • Series 6000 Tray Scrubber– With an extremely low L/G ratio requirement, this design is ideally suited for gaseous vapor recovery or reconcentration including - ammonia, acetic and hydrochloric acids, dimethylformamide and many other compounds.
  • Series 6500 Jet Venturi –For low to moderate gas volumes, when the service calls for any of the following: particulate 1 micron and larger with or without gaseous contaminant removal, low pressure drop requirement or ability to overcome draft losses without a fan, high concentration gaseous emission from process vessels or emergency vents, humidified gas streams and exothermic reactions that causes an over temperature condition in the scrubbing liquid. Can be combined in multiple stages or with a Series 5000 Packed Tower for extremely high removal efficiencies. Excellent choice for emissions emanating from reactors, emergency scrubbing gas cylinders, mixers, process vessels, pilot plant operations, lab hoods, chlorine cells, extruders, explosive type dusts and much more.
  • Series 7000 and 8000 Venturi Scrubbers - To control particulate emissions in the sub-micron and single digit micron size range with or without gaseous contaminants from hazardous and liquid waste incinerators, fossil fueled calciners, kilns, ovens, dryers, mixers, boiler flue gas, processing vessels, silos extruders, and other particulate laden gas streams. For high temperature gas applications containing a large quantity of submicron particulate these venturi scrubbers are offered in a particle growth FORCE FLUX Condensation arrangement for extremely high collection efficiencies.
  • BFCS™ Forced Condensation Scrubbing System – Uses a particle growth mechanism to obtain extremely high removal efficiencies on hot gas streams containing a large fraction of sub-micron particulate. This technology also reduces the gas pressure drop needed by a venturi scrubber resulting in considerable energy savings.
  • Series 9000 Preformed Spray Scrubber – A completely open design scrubber with no internal components to eliminate fouling. Control dust and particulate from dryers, mixers, and material handling operations. For 2 micron and larger size particles.
  • RotaBed® - Our patented plug free fluidized bed device offers advantages over packed bed scrubbers when particulate and gaseous emissions are encountered using chemical scrubbing reagent or when the scrubbing liquid contains entrained or scale forming solids that will plug packing. Ideal for handling emissions from processing operations and dryers.
  • ScrubPac ProClean™ – Combines the Series 5000 Packed Tower in an integral unitized package with recirculation pump, instruments and controls. Lowers external engineering and field installation costs.
  • ScrubPac VentClean™ - Specifically designed for storage tank vent emissions such as HCL and other acids, alcohols, formaldehyde and other compounds.
  • ScrubPac™ Custom Skid Mounted Scrubber System - When a fully engineered package scrubber system solution is required for any scrubber type and emission. Reduces engineering and installation time and costs. Pumps, instrumentation, controls, valves and other accessories can be supplied in customer approved standardized brands.
  • Hi-TScrub™- Quench/Scrubber System. Both horizontal and vertical quencher configurations are offered with the Series 5000 Packed Tower for scrubbing acid gases, halogens and other gaseous compounds; and for liquid burning oxidizers, the Series 7000 Venturi scrubber with BFCS™ technology and the HEI™ WESP for the smallest submicron particulate removal applications. Installed on all thermal oxidizer types including direct, catalytic and regenerative. Hi-T Scrub can also be used to recover acid gases or waste heat.
  • HEI™ WESP - Best engineered highest efficiency wet electrostatic precipitator design. Furnishes the highest removal efficiency on particulate at the lowest energy cost to remove the smallest submicron particulate from incinerators, boilers, kilns and calciners. Oil aerosols (blue haze) from dryers, sulfuric acid mist and much more. Can meet the most stringent opacity requirements.
  • QSense™ - System recovers waste latent and sensible heat from flue gases using a direct contact exchanger with a payback time between 2 to 4 years on energy costs.
  • Chemical Recovery and by-product production systems.


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