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New Hi-TScrub™ Quench/Scrubber Systems Ideal For Treatment Of Contaminants Emitted From High Temperature Sources

Bionomic Industries, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of proven air pollution abatement, product, and heat recovery technologies, has announced availability of their new high performance Hi-TScrub Quench/Scrubber System.

Ideal for treatment of contaminants emitted from high temperature sources, Hi-TScrub Systems utilize Bionomic advanced horizontal or vertical configuration atomized spray and venturi gas quenchers to cool corrosive hot gas streams up to 2600°F before scrubbing. Cooled gas with acid vapors, halogens or particulate is then removed with a Bionomic Series 5000 Packed Tower or Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber.

All units are available as "complete" ScrubPac™ Custom Skid-Mounted systems in sizes to handle gas capacities from 500 through 150,000 cfm. Typical applications include but are not limited to, contaminants from thermal oxidizers, incinerators, syn-gas production units, calciners, and furnaces.

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