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electrostatic precipitator

NEW ECharge Electrostatic Collector, electrostatic precipitator...

for high removal efficiency of smoke-type micron and submicron particles, droplets, and aerosols along with odor issues caused by these particles. » Click here

RotaBed® 'Fluidized Bed' Scrubber Demo Video

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RotaBed® Pilot Rental Program

A unique shared risk/rental option that allows to rent a skid-mounted unit on a weekly basis with up to 25% of rental cost applied to later purchase of a RotaBed Scrubber. Consult your local representative or contact Bionomic Industries for further details.

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To MACT and Beyond

Anticipating new hazardous waste incinerator MACT standards, a new system would be required. » Click here for a PDF of the article

MACT Emission Control
Industrial Boiler MACT Compliance Insight

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BIONOxSOLVER™ Chemical switch cuts costs, improves safety

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Your Clean Air, Product and Heat Recovery Solution Partner

Welcome to Bionomic Industries’ recently redesigned website. We appreciate your interest in our company and hope you find our new site user-friendly, most informative and helpful in solving your present or future air pollution, emission control, product or waste heat recovery application.

Our new website will allow you to better research, identify and select the right type device or system, whether you're looking for stand alone or fully engineered complete packaged and skid mounted scrubber and recovery units. As the dominant worldwide leader in providing conventional and advanced gas absorption, particulate capture, pollutant and heat recovery technologies, you can be comfortably assured that our product offerings can satisfy your most demanding applications, backed by over 30 years design experience and performance proven success in thousands of installations.

Our vast product offerings include; air emission, air pollution control systems, odor control, gas scrubbing systems, particulate removal, fume scrubbing, ammonia recovery, acid recovery, acid gas removal, product recovery, aerosol removal, waste heat recovery, mist removal, NOx removal, high efficiency cyclones, wet scrubbers consisting of packed absorption and waste heat recovery towers, horizontal crossflow scrubbers, fluidized bed scrubbers, multiple type tray scrubbers, high energy gas atomized venturi and jet ejector venturi scrubbers, mist or preformed spray scrubbers, dry and dry/wet scrubbers, forced condensation scrubber systems, wet electrostatic precipitators, specialty adsorption and scrubbing systems, an advanced NOx scrubbing reagent and full product recovery and by-product production systems – you'll find for each product type all the overview and application information you'll need to help make the right choice for your company.

Elsewhere on the site, you'll find the best products to meet MACT requirements, PM 10 and 2.5 particulate standards, remove odors and mists, abate hundreds of hazardous and toxic compound emissions from storage tanks, vessels, processing and production operations, combustion sources all the way through waste treatment; and how best to economically reduce abatement costs through product recovery of specific compounds or save energy by recovering heat from a multitude of hot gas sources.

Bionomic Industries has the required broad experience needed to provide complete solutions with the know-how and expertise to solve hundreds of applications spanning dozens of industries including; chemical, pharmaceutical, medical products, fertilizer, plastics, petroleum, hazardous waste, biofuel/Syngas, nanotech, pulp and paper, wood products, electronic, semiconductor, power, mineral products, mining, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, metal finishing, waste water, food and by-products and textile.

You can be confident that the job will be done right when choosing Bionomic Industries as your partner to meet your clean air, product and heat recovery solution needs.

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